TUDOR Watches

Established by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, in 1926, TUDOR is a watch designed with all the style, character and quality of the Rolex, but at a more accessible price point. A TUDOR is Swiss-made to the highest possible standards, using innovative design and state-of-the art production processes.

Worn by daring individuals who defy expectations such as David Beckham, Lady Gaga and The All Blacks. Built with reliability, quality, and a celebration of the past, whilst looking forward. A TUDOR is the obvious choice for those who are #BORNTODARE.


TUDOR Pelagos 39

With its new Pelagos 39 model, TUDOR offers a versatile watch at the crossroads between the world of technical diving and urban sophistication. Featuring grade 2 titanium, luminescent ceramic composite monobloc hour markers, a rapid adjustment system for the clasp and a diver’s extension, the Pelagos 39 model combines TUDOR’s professional dive watch heritage with the versatility of a 39-millimetre case and the striking radiance of sunray satin finishes on its bezel and dial. The result is a sports watch that boasts both cutting-edge watchmaking technology and a chic aesthetic, as at ease in the city as on the shore.


Black Bay Fifty-Eight

TUDOR pays tribute to the brand's first divers' watches with the Black Bay Fifty-Eight, a model whose dimensions evoke that of the epoch. Fitted with a TUDOR Manufacture Caliber, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight is designed for slim wrists, people who like more compact watches and vintage enthusiasts alike.