No. 14



Detail of the facade of No. 13 - Sir John's centerpiece of design
All by Soane - On the left is No. 12 his original house of 1792 | middle is No. 13 the house he expanded into in 1813 | right is No. 14 which he built for generating revenue and is being renovated for the Adams Study Center and collections display.
Portrait of Sir John over the fireplace in the Dining Room of No. 13
The adjacent lirbary
Notice mirrored surfaces in the receases to provide additional points of light.
One of the dozens of mirrors in each room.
The beautifully portioned Breakfast Room of No. 13
Fireplace wall of the Breakfast Room with mirrior inserts, panels and glass surfaces plus a feature of a tilted overmantle mirror.
In the New Picture Room hang Canalettos and other works.
Under the Dome, hundreds of sculptures and fragments are hung.
Bust of Sir John by Sir Francis Chantrey, 1829
One of the many light lanterns around the house, some square, some circular, others rectangular...
Stairs leading to the First Floor, notice the reflections of light from mirrors and windows.
Rear Facade of No. 13 as seen across Monument Court.
Mirrored view of the Drawing Room. Notice the shape of the top of the mantle clock, as this is the reoccuring form used in ceilings and details.
The rear Drawing Room is now devoted to models, paintings and drawings.
Not Open to the Public -- The 3rd Floor Model storage room is packed with treasures!

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The view from No. 12 into the park of Lincoln's Inn Fields.